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    Bimonthly magazines: Bien Dire Initial (A1 to B1) and Bien Dire (B1 to C2) 2 years: 24 magazines + the audio download With the audio file you will get access to most of the magazines articles read aloud by native speakers. You will also find comprehension and intonation exercises, as well as a spontaneous conversation, to get used to informal French.  

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    Bimonthly magazines : Bien Dire Initial: beginner to intermediate levels. Bien Dire: intermediate to advanced levels.   One issue each month for 2 years: 24 magazines

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    Enjoy our 20% discount For all levels, beginner to advanced (A1/C2) 1 year : 12 issues Learn French culture and language thanks to the variety of articles (society, economics, history, profile, people, grammar, vocabulary and exercises) written by French as a Foreign Language specialists. 

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